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My 30 Day Challenge

My life feels a little bit out of kilter at the moment and I have been pondering what I need to do to get back a little control. I took a brisk walk earlier as I was feeling rather overweight and a bit fed up. On the walk I realised I need to introduce a bit of discipline in order to overcome my natural procrastinating tendencies. So the plan is a 30 day challenge.

  1. Lose weight and feel fitter. I will do this by taking a power walk every day. I know I don’t want to eat a lot less so I have to get more active to compensate. I have my nephew’s wedding at the end of May and need to fit in my one decent dress (from People Tree @ John Lewis).
  2. Get a job. Either through an agency or a permanent post.  My sensible head says it needs to be well paid. My heart says do something you will love. All I know is that my money has run out and I’m in big trouble if I don’t increase my income in May.
  3. Rent out my old bedroom. I moved out of the room a month ago and have cleaned it out  but it really needs decorating
  4. Decorate my old bedroom
  5. Finish decorating the bathroom (including 3 coats of paint on the woodwork, two coats of paint on the ceiling and walls, 2 coats of paint on the door and frame – inside and out)
  6. Keep the local common cleaner and greener. After my power walk I will do some litter picking at least twice a week.
  7.  Spend half an hour a day clearing the clutter at home. I have got back involved with my local Freecycle group and have already given away my daughter’s old bed and a child’s sleeping bag.

I’m hoping that reporting progress on this blog may help me to keep to this plan

The mess one group left on the common after their barbeque just 5 meters away from a bin.


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