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The weather has been strange in London for the last two months. Mild, then cold, then extremely mild then cold again. The region is in official drought due to lack of rain and despite a bit of rainfal over the last two days it is not going to fill the reservoirs and aquifers. Despite the rain and grey skies of yesterday I ventured out into the garden as I could see some of my favorite spring plants in flower.

Winter Iris - has been flowering since January

Lungwort originally from my mother's garden

My garden is full of plants that remind me of special people – primroses from my father’s garden when he moved back to Scotland, herbs and bushes taken as cuttings from a myriad of people and lots of plants that I have bought at Charity fairs and fetes.

A rosemary that grew from a cutting of a plant that was a cutting from my mother's garden...

Hellebore from my sister in law's garden


Photos From Recent Walks

I have been inspired by a number of WordPress blogs to really stop and look with the camera. I try not to let things interfere with my walks (from the physical activity point of view) but actually you start to see things you really want to capture. Here are a series of photos from recent walks that sum up for me the season and weather perfectly. I think they also show that even in London’s Zone 4 (for those that don’t know London, it goes out to Zone 6) you can feel at one with nature and get some respite from the hurly burly.

Countryside in the city

A single berry - you can just see the leaves the sparrows nest in.

Lichen and railings along the hedgerow where the sparrows live

You can feel you are deep within woodland

Some sort of telecommunications box (?)

Detail behind the leaves

Wrought Iron Column - Not sure of its function

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