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Walking for Fitness

Walking For Fitness

I have been pretty good so far at sticking to one of my New Year goals; getting fitter by walking more. I love walking. I am a trained walk leader to boot but haven’t done that for a while. Anyway where I live is pretty down at heel part of London but it has amazing amounts and variety of open spaces. These photos are from an area that I am hoping to work on in conjunction with the local conservation group. It is a HUGE area of Japanese Knotweed which the Council does not have the money to do anything about. A former colleague recently told me that the ‘green’ way to deal with knotweed is to cut it back and leave the cut stems on the ground to help block out the light. I can imagine that it will require weekly cutting in the busiest growing period but I hope to rope in enough volunteers.

Japanese Knotweed as far as the eye can see

Knotweed stems - thick and tough

My friends are also looking for somewhere for a community bee hive. That might be more difficult to persuade people to get involve with and protect from vandalism.

Yesterday I walked in the driving snow and was alone apart from one woman walking her dog. It was bleakly beautiful and I wished I’d had my camera. So today when B suggested coffee, cake and a walk I took the camera. Today was a beautiful sunny and very crisp day. So far I have managed to walk at least 3 times a week (my goal) and I really do feel fitter. It lifts my spirits to have that extra contact with nature and after reading a lot of blogs where people take photos of small things I found this today and couldn’t resist.

A holly berry next to tiny bird droppings - is this a robin's dinner table?


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