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Update on 30 Day Challenge (Days 1- 10)

Update on 30 Day challenge (Day 1 – 10)

So far: I already feel fitter, my clothes are not so tight and I have mostly managed to keep to not eating too late at night which for me helps me keep my weight down. I’ve also noticed I am more attracted to healthy food and am not eating as much overall.

The bathroom is looking better (but it is a pain not being able to use the bathroom all the time –it’s a nuisance having to keep taking off the plastic protecting the bath and putting it back).


I haven’t had any positive answers to the job applications I’ve made but I remain postive

The clutter has mostly been ignored as I’m so busy with everything else.

Day 1 (Sunday) – Long power walk where I decided I needed the 30 Day Challenge. Sugar soaping walls and ceiling and finished off sanding uneven parts in bathroom decorating saga.

Day 2 (Monday)  – Short walk with Bebo (pouring with rain), 5 hours decorating. 4 hours job applications. The clutter will have to wait…

Day 3 (Tuesday) – 2 hours decorating.  Long walk with M (after a coffee and pastry), explored new bits of the local woods.  7 hours of job applications (deadline was midnight!)

Day 4 (Wednesday) – Walked to local garden centre and pushed back 3 large bags of compost (and a rhubarb plant) uphill  – I really felt this in my legs and upper arms. 5 hours decorating (another coat of gloss on the window and surround, skirting and both sides of the door and surround).

Day 5. (Thursday) –   Incorporated walk by not taking the bus to Woolwich and back (saving money) when I took Baa to the dentist. Also a long walk along and back from dentist.  Concentrated on cleaning (which has been neglected due to my focus on decorating). Children got involved. I re-potted the apple tree I was given as part of my leaving gift. It has two extra varieties grafted on as branches so produces 3 types of apples. Last year only one type of branch had flowers so we only got 4 apples from it.

Day 6.  (Friday) 2 hours decorating in the morning. Long walk with J (after coffee and cake at her house). J reported she felt shattered afterwards and had to lie down. I remembered that the first time I did a long walk with M I felt the same. Now, I’m finding the walks invigorate me and make me feel more content. That also shows me I am fitter.  3 hours decorating in the evening.

Day 7. (Saturday)  1 hour decorating (still on gloss paint – 4th coat on the parts that had not been painted before). Mango smoothie with M and then a good walk over the common. Not walking fast as M has had a cold. Met a really nice woman doing some litter picking – made me feel guilty as I keep forgetting to take my litter picker and bag with me. Could do better on that… Rested in the afternoon and watched silly films with the children.

Day 8. (Sunday) 2 hours painting in the morning (last coat on the windows and surround – hurrah!) Incorporated walk by walking to Woolwich and back when I was taking Bebo to Upton Park to find an Indian costume for her as she will be presenting the flower garlands at my nephews wedding. We visited a lot of shops and were starting to be overwhelmed by colour and beading and sparkly bits when we finally found something that wouldn’t compete with the bride. Made a special supper as its been difficult to cook anything complicated with all the decorating going on.

Day 9. (Monday) Still no answer to the job applications I have submitted (disappointingly). Updated my financial accounts – I’m finding it difficult not to get depressed by that so got up and got on with the decorating. Finished the gloss on the two sides of the door and on both sides of the door surround – hurrah!).  Started painting the walls and ceiling. The decorating took 5 hours so didn’t get to go for a walk, but it felt like I had been for a work out.

Day 10. (Tuesday) Spent 2 hours looking for jobs to apply for. Had to ignore the decorating today in order to get job application done. Went for a brisk walk and did 30 minutes of litter picking on the common. Have not managed to do as much of this as I imagined but the area I did looked great.


My 30 Day Challenge

My life feels a little bit out of kilter at the moment and I have been pondering what I need to do to get back a little control. I took a brisk walk earlier as I was feeling rather overweight and a bit fed up. On the walk I realised I need to introduce a bit of discipline in order to overcome my natural procrastinating tendencies. So the plan is a 30 day challenge.

  1. Lose weight and feel fitter. I will do this by taking a power walk every day. I know I don’t want to eat a lot less so I have to get more active to compensate. I have my nephew’s wedding at the end of May and need to fit in my one decent dress (from People Tree @ John Lewis).
  2. Get a job. Either through an agency or a permanent post.  My sensible head says it needs to be well paid. My heart says do something you will love. All I know is that my money has run out and I’m in big trouble if I don’t increase my income in May.
  3. Rent out my old bedroom. I moved out of the room a month ago and have cleaned it out  but it really needs decorating
  4. Decorate my old bedroom
  5. Finish decorating the bathroom (including 3 coats of paint on the woodwork, two coats of paint on the ceiling and walls, 2 coats of paint on the door and frame – inside and out)
  6. Keep the local common cleaner and greener. After my power walk I will do some litter picking at least twice a week.
  7.  Spend half an hour a day clearing the clutter at home. I have got back involved with my local Freecycle group and have already given away my daughter’s old bed and a child’s sleeping bag.

I’m hoping that reporting progress on this blog may help me to keep to this plan

The mess one group left on the common after their barbeque just 5 meters away from a bin.

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