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Bringing Spring Inside

Every late winter my mother would bring branches of Forsythia into the house to bring them into flower. It became, for me, one fo the ways of celebrating the seasons. I have continued and extended the tradition. I almost always have some flowers from the garden in the kitchen as well as some sort of display (Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Easter, Summer Solstice, Harvest Festival, Halloween etc). As usual this year I cut Forsythia branches to hang our Valentines display.

Valentine's display in a pot made by mother in the early 1970's

They look at little bare but they do emphasise the hearts (mostly charity shop finds or from Fairly Traded sources) and this just reminds us of the love at the core of the family. We all get grumpy and techy at times but we’ve been getting on pretty well recently. My underemployment situation means that I am around a lot more if the children want to talk. It will be hard on all of us when I go back to a full time job.

Less than 10 days later the forsythia burst into bloom (usually it is around for me to hang an Easter display on which goes well with the yellow).

Forsythia in bloom


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