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What I did in the last year (or why I neglected my blog)

I may have neglected this blog for a long time but I haven’t been neglecting what’s important; my children, my health, my voluntary work and my paid work. I’ve found a pretty good balance. I was worried for a long time after leaving my well paid job that we would get into financial straits but on the whole we have managed well with my life becoming simpler.

I am home more for the children and even though they are teenagers they need me around to talk to and discuss important things in their lives. That has been so precious.

I have found a good balance between physical activity (walking a lot, tending my allotment that I’ve had for a year and yoga classes 3 times a week), mostly healthy food, and enough rest to keep a sense of well being.

My voluntary work has expanded. I am vice-chair of Governors at my local primary school, I work with a local environmental conservation group, I have helped set up a local friends of a park group and I am pursuing a really exciting local project that will see a disused local authority building being turned into a community hub with a healthy café at its heart and space for community activities around it.

My work has changed completely. I have been taking on short term part time roles as well as working as a gardener, establishing a local monthly market and even doing ironing! I call it patchwork working and it seems more and more people are doing it. My only criteria are that what I do should make a difference to someone’s life. Finances are not in rude health but they are not that bad either and in just over a year I finish one of my mortgages so my monthly outgoings will be pretty small. I’m getting there and the main thing I have really learnt is that worrying about money is futile. Work hard, trust in the universe, take opportunities as they arise and try to support each other.

Our house still comes pretty low on my list of priorities but I am continuing to make progress. I finally managed to get a shelf and hooks up in my bathroom which really helps with organisation. The children and I are going to work on the hallway for the next few weeks (sanding the floorboards, painting walls, putting up wallpaper and eventually painting the front door).

P1030501 (480x640)

Bathroom hooks and shelf

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