Striving for a greener, more ethical life

30 Day challenge (sort of update)

Well I guess the biggest challenge is recording what you have done and when.

The results of that challenge are :

I am definitely fitter  – and enjoyed hours of dancing at my nephew’s amazing fusion wedding. I would say it was the nicest wedding I’ve ever been to as everyone was so friendly and the two extended families had loads in common. The venue was stunning, the food was delicious and the band were fantastic and kept us all on our feet. The weather was also amazing, hot and sunny (feels even more amazing as since then it seems to have rained non-stop).

The bride and groom exit the hall after ceremony

The bathroom got finished and looks much better than before (although it seems smaller for some reason. I haven’t put back all the things I love in there yet and we need a new cupboard/storage for towels etc. The perfect container will come along…

The decorating is finished

I still have not found that perfect job although I am a bit more enthusiastic about doing so and remain hopeful that the job right for me is around the corner. I have had a few days paid work and hope to build on that with part-time work and expanding my business ideas (more in next post)

I have done at least one session a week litter picking on the common and love going there to soak in the greenery. It slightly saddens me that people seem to go there to eat and drink in a nice environment and then drop their rubbish. Still, it is always satisfying to look back at the areas you have cleared.

I have continued to clear the clutter in the ‘junk’ room/office and can now walk freely around the room. Having said that there are still areas to be cleared and lots of paper work to be sorted. That’s my June challenge.


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