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Can The Internet Explain This?

This post arose after B, who is going to be my blog’s critical friend once I get to 10 posts, suggested that the internet might be the only place to solve this puzzle.

About 20 years ago I took an empty box to use as storage from my local KwikSave  (I think they were just a UK supermarket) which sold very cheap food and a few kitchen items. I used the box to store Christmas decorations on top of a cupboard in the living room. After a while someone noticed the writing on this box and asked what it had contained.

The mysterious words (apologies for reflections in photo)

We could not work it out as the box was a normal square shape. We questioned if it could be brushes or brooms but it was not the right shape for brooms and at that time I had never seen brushes just in red or black. The stiffness thing might apply to brushes?!? I ended up framing the words on the box as they seemed to hold people’s interest and made them smile (must be the words soft and stiff)…

Anyway if anyone out there worked in Kwiksave and remembers emptying these boxes or worked in another shop/supermarket that also sold them I would really like to know. It won’t spoil the power of the words but it would be interesting to know.


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