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I love to mark the season changes and this year as I am
underemployed I am spending a lot of time at home and want to have interesting
things around me. I found some really nice Halloween decorations in a shop in
Blackheath, London and added them to my existing decorations. I wanted to
display my existing spider collection (not sure how I managed to accumulate so
many spiders!) in a bowl but didn’t feel any of my bowls looked right so I had
a brain wave and decided to display them under a glass cake dome.  I love them under the dome as they look like
scientific specimens. At this time of year the garden is full of cobwebs and
big spiders who always seem to prefer the paths that I need to take so I think
they fit well with the Halloween theme.

spider collection under glass dome














Halloween is about moving into the dark part of the year and
celebrating the ancestors that have gone before – encouraging their good
spirits to come and bless us and it’s a perfect opportunity to take time and
remember those who are gone but still shape who we are.

The skeletons in my décor make me smile as they dance on the
branches and I guess it is important to see death as an important part of life.
My mum made the black pot in the 1970’s and I have always loved it’s shape.

As I have a lot of Nepali neighbours Diwali this year has been spectacular and it
is interesting to see the parallels between this festival of light and ours of
Halloween. It is so beautiful to see candles and lights and doorstep
decorations in the sudden gloom after the clocks go back.


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